The general conditions of the vehicle rental contract between the company (hereinafter Motofly) and the client are set out below, the identifying data of both being listed on page 1 of the Contract.


The customer can collect and return the vehicle only during Motofly business hours, Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. The collection and return of the same must always be in the same office.


2.1 The customer receives the vehicle described on page 1 of the contract, in perfect operating condition, with its documents, tires and accessories (helmet, key rings, etc.) and undertakes to keep them and drive the vehicle in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code and in accordance with the specifications of use of the type of Vehicle that are exposed in the counter of the rental office and that the client declares to know. Damages caused to the rented vehicle will be paid in accordance with the list of damages displayed on the counter of the rental office that the Client also declares to know.

It is expressly forbidden for the Customer to vary any technical characteristic of the Vehicle, the Vehicle keys, the vehicle equipment, the tools and / or accessories of the Vehicle, as well as make any modification of its exterior and / or interior appearance (unless expressly authorized in writing by part of Motofly). € 15 will be charged for each missing corporate sticker, and / or for each sticker and / or added decoration element other than Motofly.

2.2 Only the person / s identified and accepted by Motofly in the rental contract and / or any annex to it are authorized to drive the Vehicle, provided they are in possession of a valid driving license in the country of rental and in force, having to exchange driving licenses issued abroad when provided for by current legislation.

2.3 The use of the 50cc vehicle outside the urban area of ​​the city or on the motorway / highway is prohibited. For larger displacements, it can be circulated outside the city or on the motorway / highway within Spanish territory, bearing in mind that roadside assistance covers a distance of up to 100 km from the store where it was rented. For assistance outside this radius, the cost of the same will be borne by the client. These limits are not applicable for the Balearic Islands.

2.4 It is not allowed to transport the Vehicle on board any type of boat, train, truck or plane (unless expressly authorized in writing by Motofly).

2.5 It is forbidden to leave Spanish territory with the rented vehicle and outside the community.

2.6 Damages of any kind that Motofly may suffer due to non-compliance with the conditions set forth in this article and / or due to use other than that agreed by the Customer, authorize Motofly to withdraw the Vehicle from the Customer and to bill and collect from the Customer, prior written communication 5 days in advance, the duly justified amounts corresponding to the repair or other expenses derived from said damages.

2.7 In case of theft or loss of the vehicle, the Client is obliged to present the vehicle keys and the corresponding theft report. Otherwise, the full amount of the vehicle is charged.


3.1 The rental price is that expressed in the rental contract and is established based on the General Current Rate (in relation to services, taxes and fees) and the initial price agreed with the Client at the time of the rental, according to the selected rate.

3.2 The rental price includes the costs of compulsory vehicle liability insurance.

3.3 The deposit will only be returned to the Client when Motofly finds that there is no concept to deduct from it for other concepts by virtue of the provisions of these General Conditions. The contracted extras (GPS, Wifi) have their own deposit as specified in the rental contract, and it is paid separately. After the correct return of the vehicle, Motofly returns the deposit on the same card (if the rental period is maximum 28 days) or through Paypal or bank transfer to the Customer’s bank account (if the rental period is more than 28 days). The costs of the transfer of € 3 and up to € 17 (depending on the Client’s account) are borne by the Client.

3.4 In no case may the deposit paid at the beginning of the rental be used for an extension of the rental. In the event that the Client wishes to keep the vehicle for a period longer than that initially agreed, he / she agrees to obtain prior authorization.

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