With motofly.es you will be able to choose the city and the bike that best suits you, according to model price, site, etc. All reservations need a 15 % pre payment, and a 85 % payment to the direct Motofly´s shop at the moment of pick up. Attention! The client must return and pick up vehicle in Motofly’s opening hours, from Monday till Sunday, from 10:00 till 14:00 and from 16:00 till 20:00. The vehicle must be returned and picked up in the same office.
You will need an ID document or passport and driving licence. The driving licence has to be valid in Spain (European Union).
Yes, you can pay by credit card or in cash. If you come to our company you hae to present your credit card to make a reservation, and the person who owns the credit card has to sign it.
Yes, the deposit is € 300 per motorbike. The deposit can be paid by credit card or cash. The deposit will be returned if the motorbike is returned in a good condition and complies with all the requirements.
All motorbikes, depending on the model chosen, are able to have two passengers, and helmets should be worn at all times.
If you don´t hired extra insurance you will be covered by an basic insurence. In the case of the motorbike being damaged by a second part, you will have to take down all the particulars of the second part including the car plate number and call the number of the office written in the contract. However, if the motorbike is damaged by you, you will have bear and pay the cost.
Yes. You can see the details of options, which are included in tariffs (insurance, taxes, coverages,…). The taxes are displayed in the reservation list as well.
No. You will need to return the motorbike with the exact amount delivered to you in the first place. For any reason if you could not do this, the cost of the petrol will be included and determined by the company.
No. Generally, Motofly’ s vehicles are suitable only for driving on highways and driving on circuits is against the terms and conditions of the contract. Please note that motorbikes with 125 cc are prohibited to be driven out of the Comunidad Madrid.
No. To tow something is completely prohibited.
There are no fees of cancellation of a booking, just if the client make a cancellation 15 days before the booking date. In contrary the amount paid can´t be returned.
We will allow extra 30 minutes from the time that you should return your vehicle. From then on, there will be a day charge included in the total price. In any case, it is recommended to inform any delay of returned vehicles to the company.
If you pay for the road assistance according to your contract, road assistance will be provided. In any case, please inform Motofly.
It depends on the rental tariffs. Please see FAQ’s no.5. It is necessary to consult Motofly for additional insurance.